On Monday, we featured the ‘Visions’ articles in the current BayBuzz mag.

But there’s heaps of other good stuff too …

In Beyond the Bandwith Blues, Keith Newman looks at the race to install ultrafast broadband in Hawke’s Bay. If you want to know what all the fuss is about and should we care … read Keith’s article.

It seems like gazillions is being spent on cycle paths in the Bay. Where is all this pedal power taking us? Kathy Webb looks at this huge investment in Cycling Hawke’s Bay.

Mark Sweet explores the realm of personal transformation … its intriguing past in Hawke’s Bay and some of its present alternative practitioners in New Age Is Old Age.

Local volunteers have committed hundreds of hours to planting at the Guthrie-Smith Arboretum at Lake Tutira. In Ambitious Plans for Guthrie-Smith Arboretum, Kay Bazzard tells the story of this treasure … and what lies ahead.

With her usual passion, Janet Luke takes up a cause … the plight of battery chickens in Do Hens Suffer in Battery Cages?

Inside Havelock North looks at issues ahead for the urban centre of the village.

And rounding out our features is Corporate Punch Up for Battered Families, by Keith Newman, mentioned in yesterday’s post, which explores the irony of a violent charity event benefiting victims of violence.

As usual, you can read and comment on these articles individually by using the links above, or you can view the articles exactly as they are printed in the mag by using our online reader.


Tom Belford

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