My recent post featured the current edition’s water-focused articles.

But there’s plenty more in the May/June edition. Use our online reader to view BayBuzz mag exactly as published, or click any of these titles to read, download and print, email or comment on a specific article.

Stonewalled in Westshore
Keith Newman finds coastal campaigner Larry Dallimore as persistent as the current that perpetually sweeps gravel northward around Hawke’s Bay. With millions of public dollars and a valuable coastline at stake, why aren’t councils responding to him?

Removing Deficit Thinking
Mãori students are failing in our education system. Or re-framed, the system is failing Mãori students. Which is it? A new approach in Hawke’s Bay suggests an answer, as reported by Jessica Soutar Barron.

Maori Economy: Brimming With Potential
The ability to delivery tangible benefits from the latent potential of Hawke’s Bay’s Mãori economy will depend on strong leadership, improved management of existing resources, wise investment of Treaty of Waitangi settlements and a commitment to tackle the youth unemployment crisis. Keith Newman reports.

Anti-Frackers: Alarmist Or Alarmed?
Count Pauline Elliott as one of the alarmed, as the prospect of fracking is raised in Hawke’s Bay.

The Great Debate: National Standards
Claire Hague concludes: “Instead of refusing to implement national standards, we could refocus on refusing to leave any young people behind. Refusing to let any young people simply ‘disappear’. Then maybe we wouldn’t need National Standards at all.”

The Hottest Destination In The Region
Douglas Lloyd Jenkins writes: “Hawke’s Bay Museum and Art Gallery has been closed to the public for what seems a very long time. However, even the casual observer can now understand why, as activity onsite increases daily and the true scale of the project becomes more evident.”

The Best Years Of Our Lives
In this regular column, Kay Bazzard considers life’s changes for the Baby Boomer corps, as its first members hit age 65, bringing the issues home to Hawke’s Bay.

Inside Havelock North
Tom Belford spoke with several merchants in Havelock North to gauge how they see the ‘Village economy’ these days.

Riding The Trail
“You have a visitor,” said the nurse as she closed the door behind her. He opened one eye and saw his wife framed in the vee of his upturned, plastered legs.” By Brendan Webb


Tom Belford

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