[REMINDER: Can $600 million dam be a win/win? You can hear this issue debated by the Regional Council’s CEO, Andrew Newman, Tom Belford, EIT’s Roger Maaka, CHB farmer Hugh Ritchie and Vaughan Cooper of Forest & Bird on Tuesday, Sep 18th, 5:30pm at EIT.]

Here are the rest of the articles from Sep/Oct BayBuzz.

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Good Bye To A Good Bay, by Dick Frizzell
Parting shots/thoughts as Dick heads to Auckland

The Moral Compass, by David Trubridge
Money shouldn’t drive everything.

Cursed By A Name, by Paul Paynter
It’s tough to name a baby!

Educating For Uncertainty, by Dr Suzette Major
Preparing students for the unknown

The Art Of Spring, by Lizzie Russell
Some great artistic happenings on the spring calendar

Roadblocks Removed From Digital Learning Highway, by Keith Newman
State of the art digital learning at Karamu High School

Best Years Of Our Lives: A Working Life After 65, by Kay Bazzard
Will work ever end?!

Pecha Kucha, by Jessica Soutar Barron
6 minutes and 40 seconds of fame

War Of Words, by Brendan Webb
More adventures of Lawrencus Yulus

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Tom Belford

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