A number of candidates have risen to the challenge of publishing now their “Magic 150 Words” — the pitch they will make to voters in the official Candidate Directory mailed to us in a bit over two weeks.

Some have posted them directly to BayBuzz, where you can find them here (see both Post and Comments), as well as in the Comments below to this post.

From Hastings, they are: Lawrence Yule, Simon Nixon, Des Ratima, Peter Nee Harland, David Mackintosh, Adele Mohi-McGoverin, Wayne Bradshaw, Kevin Smith, Tracee Te Huia, John Roil, Jacoby Poulain, Anne Wilson-Hunt

From HBRC: Tom Belford, Liz Remmerswaal, Ewan McGregor, Tim Gilbertson, Robert Burnside

From Napier: Karla Jurczakowski, Michelle Pyke, Mark Herbert, Kathie Furlong, Tony Jeffery, Dave Pipe

And some have posted them (and additional material) on the Local Government NZ site.

From Hastings: Cynthia Bowers, Anne Wilson-Hunt, Mandy Kimber, Sandra Hazlehurst

From HBRC: Tom Belford, Liz Remmerswaal, Alan Dick, Christine Scott, Eileen von Dadelszen, Robert Burnside, Kevin Rose, Hugh Ritchie and Fenton Wilson

From Napier: Barbara Arnott, Michelle Pyke, Maxine Boag, Dave Pipe, Will Jenkins, Bill Dalton, Robin Gwynn, Ross Holden, Karla Jurczakowski, Kathie Furlong, Faye White, Graeme “GK” Taylor, Tony Jeffery, Ken Simons.

We’re giving some of these folks the benefit of the doubt, because they posted profiles of less than 150 words on the Local Govt site, but we’re assuming these are their “official” Magic Words. A couple of candidates have posted other information online, but we’re not counting them. We want the Magic 150 Words! Why? Because that’s all most voters will actually see.

Some candidates who should know better are delinquent.

These include Neal Kirton (the only missing HBRC incumbent candidate); Kevin Watkins, Margaret Twigg, Mick Lester, Henare O’Keefe, Rod Heaps (the missing HDC incumbents who are candidates); and John Cocking (the only missing Napier incumbent who is a candidate).

So the Hastings Council incumbents score worst for voter transparency. Ten incumbents are running for Council … five haven’t divulged their Magic 150 Words. Shame on you!

As a matter of parochial interest, in my HBRC race for one of the Hastings seats, only challenger Murray Douglas is mysteriously missing from the seven candidates. C’mon Murray, you’ve got a flash website … surely you know how to forward your Magic 150 Words!

Meantime, Hastings Elections Czar Peter Woodroffe protests our BayBuzz challenge that he and his fellow wardens publish the official profiles now, saying it will violate some mindless (my word) national election rule. So on the one hand we have councils and Local Government NZ spending heaps of money to urge us to vote. And on the other hand local officials tell us they must withhold the very information that might get voters interested enough in the candidates to bother!

I trust Peter when he cites the rule … but two comments nonetheless:

1) Who gave out the stupid pills in Wellington that produced this rule?

2) C’mon Peter, live dangerously … break the rule! I’ll bet Lawrence Yule and CEO Ross McLeod won’t fire you. And if “The Law” comes after you, BayBuzz will front your legal defense and bring you biscuits daily if you’re jailed.

Tom Belford

P.S. A number of DHB candidates are here on the Local Government NZ website as well: Kevin Atkinson, Jeannette Samundsen, Dave Barry, Helen Francis, Tony East, Honoria Ropiha.

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  1. Councillor At Large “Magic 150 words”:

    I have worked at every level of community development for 20 years, as an advocate/activist on many local and national issues. I offer an outstanding record of service involving hands-on people work, governance roles, representation on national bodies and an involvement in parliamentary processes. People trust me because I am up-front, intelligent, can think outside the square and I walk the talk. I have a wealth of community knowledge, am well-networked around New Zealand and ‘the face and voice’ of many people in Napier’s two community newspapers and on Radio Kidnappers. All my community service has been founded and informed by my own experiences; as a sole parent on and off benefit, as a concerned parent/citizen, as a leaseholder, as a ratepayer, as a community leader. I believe Napier deserves a Council with my kind of teamwork around the table. It’s time to resolve the outstanding business of the last century and move Napier forward.

    Mayoral ‘Magic 150 words’:

    Napier needs a Mayor who is confident interacting with all her citizens and who inspires people to achieve their dreams, both personally and collectively. Michelle is an enduring inspiration to many people but particularly those who have felt disconnected from, or shut-out of the democratic processes. Michelle is an intelligent, tenacious and respected advocate and leader on many local and national issues concerning leasehold land owners, welfare beneficiaries, low and high earners, business/industry people, the youngest and the oldest, as well as guests to the Art Deco Capital of the World. While raising three sons on her own Michelle has worked in the community for 20 years and since 2003 has also been self-employed, successfully transitioning hundreds of local people into paid employment and off welfare – the original Whanau Ora practitioner. Michelle also gave away $14million during her 7-year term on Lotteries Board committees, mostly while on the DPB herself.

  2. C’mon, Mr Woodroffe….take a walk on the mild side otherwise we’ll have to bring in Norman Quirk ( and you know what that will mean?)

  3. Tim Gilbertson has represented Central Hawkes Bay on the HB Regional Council for the last three years . He served as Mayor and Councillor on the CHB District Council between 1995 and 2007.

    Tim farms at Patangata and has lived in CHB most of his life .He holds a BA in History and Literature. He is married to Lucie and they are expecting their first child in December.

    Tim believes the Regional Council has two main functions. Firstly, to protect and improve the environment. And secondly, to safeguard and increase the value of the investments held by the Council on behalf of the people of Hawke’s Bay.

    If re-elected he plans to keep working toward both these goals by adopting sensible solutions to environmental problems and encouraging responsible and rational stewardship of the Port of Napier and the Province’s other valuable community-owned assets.

  4. FYI: The Inner City Churches will host a public “Meeting the Candidates” social at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Napier Sunday, 12 September , beginning at 3 p.m. with coffee/tea served from 2.30 p.m. All Napier candidates for the Mayoralty and City Council and for Hawkes Bay Regional Council have been invited.

  5. My family and I are long term residents and business owners in Havelock North.
    During my first term on Council I have enjoyed the challenge and ensured that Havelock North has a strong and active voice around the Council table.

    In this time as Chairman of the Finance Committee, I have introduced ( for the first time ) an Efficiency Target for Council along with other prudent financial measures, these have assisted in better value for the ratepayers.

    Moving forward, it is important that the new District Plan fully recognizes Havelock North’s unique characteristics, protects and enhances these through good sensible planning.

    We must ensure that the Council fully engages with and listens to ratepayers and understands the Community’s wishes into the future.

    There is still more to do and it is my wish to continue working positively for the Havelock North Community.

  6. I want to be your voice on the Hastings District Council.

    I’m proud to have lived and worked in Hastings for over 50 years and will continue to make an impact and represent the people of our district.

    Working for Postbank, ANZ, and HBS has given me the experience to understand how people and money work together.

    A familiar face throughout the area, while enjoying Rugby, Art Deco, four wheel driving, camper-vanning or serving on organisations such as the Hastings City Marketing Group, where my focus has been on enhancing the Hastings CBD.

    Local United Government, Families, Safety, Employment, Fun and Events that enable all citizens to enjoy the wonderful Hawke’s Bay lifestyle, are issues I will support.

    I welcome your opinions to open both sides of a discussion, so that I can make an informed decision for all.

    Expect a worthwhile contribution from a trusted voice in the community.

  7. I’ve had the privilege of growing up in Hastings watching it flourish and prosper. My 13 years of residing in Flaxmere clearly defines for me the strengths this gem suburb possesses.

    As a people’s person with passion to achieve outcomes that make a difference I’ll build on current successes ensuring Flaxmere’s expectations and aspirations are heard within Council.

    My work in the community includes being an inaugural Trustee for Te Aranga Marae, current EIT Councillor, current Trustee HB Problem Gambling service Te Rangihaeata Trust and HBDHBs Director Maori Health.

    Families first – is a strong values base I have which helps me drive for improved results. Safer and healthier communities start at home and are enabled through active community and business partners such as the Council, to get things done in a way the community sees fit. ‘Flaxmeres potential unleashed’ we’re ready for the challenge.

  8. A company director (Infracon Ltd), Fellow of the New Zealand Institute Food Science and Technology; member of the Small Business Advisory Group and of the Institute of Directors – Jeannette brings many years business experience to the Board table. In addition, Jeannette has co-owned (with her husband) Hillcrest Rest Home for seven years and as a result has firsthand knowledge of the aged care sector.

    “If elected as a Board member I will bring a fresh independent outlook to the unique health issues that we face in Hawke’s Bay. Specifically, we have an increasing percentage of our population that is aging and an increasing percentage of our population that is Māori. Long term planning and prioritisation of finite resources is critical to ensuring Hawke’s Bay future needs are met.”

    Jeannette is a strong advocate of teamwork: Ka tika a muri, ka tika a mua, ka rere pai ngā āhuatanga katoa.

  9. Mark has had four terms on Council and has achieved many of the goals he set out to do. McLean Park’s new Graeme Lowe stand was not only Mark’s idea he fundraised the bulk of the 9.5 million to build it.

    The new 40 hectare business park to be located approximately where the woolshed is on Lagoon Farm on the corner of Prebensen Drive and the Expressway is another initiative of Mark’s.

    The Council is currently conducting a feasibility study for a transport link between the City and Ahuriri. Mark firmly believes this should be a traditional tram which would be a tourist attraction in its own right and could link all of the Marine Parade attractions.

    Other projects that Mark has had significant input into include new Prebensen Drive and the hot water pools.

    As Chairman of Environment Committee Mark has played a significant role in many council infrastructure projects.

  10. Tony Jeffery's Offical 150 word Candidate profile

    Fourth generation Napierite Tony Jeffery is widely regarded as one of Napier's most approachable, accessable, and capable councillors.

    He has served on all major council committees, represented Napier on the Regional Landfill Committee and Regional Transport forums, and currently chairs the Resource Consent and District Plan Committees.

    Tony runs his family's business "Jeffery's Fashion for Men" and is a long serving director of New Zealand's largest retail services organisation.

    He is a former Central Napier Business Group leader, Justice of the Peace, and member of numerous community organisations.

    Tony has strong accounting, analytical, and planning skills and a deep empathy for social justice, Napier's heritage and our environment.

    He is a key driver of council's sustainable city initiatives.

    Tony sseks your support to continue his efforts to keep Napier affordable as the best provincial city in New Zealand to live, work, raise a family, and enjoy a safe and satisfing life.

  11. With three generations of my family living in Napier and enjoying its benefits, I have a huge stake in its future.

    I enjoy being a councillor, particularly my duties as Deputy Mayor, and would like to continue making a contribution which builds on my knowledge and experience.

    I am inspired by the challenge of finding a balance between what we need, what we want and what we can afford.

    I look forward to a future in Napier which is affordable, sustainable and enjoyable, where we have reliable basic services, a safe environment and high quality amenities.

    With your support, I will continue to be your representative in a team that works with energy and vision for our city.

  12. John will bring a much needed business voice to the Hastings District Council. His disciplined and commonsense approach is matched by a strong sense of community pride.

    Born and bred in Hastings, John is married to Rose, and have 2 Children, Mark 24 and Sarah 14

    In his 28 years with the Territorial Army John rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, serving in Israel and Lebanon as a UN Military Observer, in Bougainville with the Peace Monitoring Group and in Bosnia Hertzgovina as a Military Liaison Officer.

    John is a member of Karamu Rotary, HB Rescue Helicopter Trust, HB Chamber of Commerce and Certified Builders Association.

    John is Managing Director of local award winning business Cottages New Zealand.

    “I will add valuable experience in business management and my ability to form relationships with a diverse range of people, combining the strengths and skills that others bring to the table.”

  13. I like the profile “feeling for people” from Tracee Te Hui, but living in Napier, am unable to vote for you. All the best anyway, Tracee.
    Interesting listening to the debate for the Auckland Super City race for Mayor. Aspiring Mayor Len Brown,(better people skills to John Banks) spoke at great pains, how he make himself available to every citizen in the Auckland Super City.!!
    Impossible of course, as any Super City idea, leaves too many of its people behind ,so watch your health again Len. .
    A good idea to take shares in the new Auckland Private Prison,a good place to evaluate the success or failure of any “Top Down driven Super City”. (even for Napier and Hastings)

  14. Positive, honest, a good listener, issues not personalities, committed to Napier. Dave has just completed his fourth term as Councillor. He has a solid history of service to our community and a reputation for action not just words. Dave’s involvement with the successful Napier Community House and Marae in Maraenui are both projects in the Nelson Park Ward where he has lived for over 13 years. His 35 years involvement in the Napier community includes presenting Pipeline on local radio and television, then on Council his roles as Chair of the Community Development, Community House Trust, Community Services Grants, Environmental Awards, member of the Pukemokimoki Marae Trust, Youth Transitional Service, and long time supporter of the voluntary sector. He also manages St Mary’s Parish in Taradale, works with youth, and has been married for 36 years to Lynda. They have three adult sons. Dave is truly dedicated to serving Napier.

  15. Profile for Anne Wilson-Hunt

    I sincerely thank Hastings voters for supporting me into Council in 2007. As a current Councillor I will be honored to further my community contribution.

    I will ensure Council develops a visionary District Plan that provides for sustainable management of our resources. I support prudent financial management to ensure the best deal for Hastings District ratepayers. I will lead the community to engage with Council to develop support for Neighbourhood Safety and ‘safe cycling’ initiatives. I strongly support primary industry, tourism, business and retail opportunities that contribute to our district through employment opportunities, increased productivity, and enhanced environmental management.

    I’m actively involved in the community as Chairperson of Ebbett Park School Board of Trustees, Trustee and advocate for crime reduction initiatives, a Hastings Community Patroller, and Chairperson of Safe Hastings Advisory Committee. I’m an active cyclist, dedicated parent, enthusiastic gardener, and member of Sustaining HB Trust and Art Deco Trust.

  16. Jacoby Poulain, qualified as a Lawyer, intends to bring about justice, development and advancement to the people of Flaxmere and Hastings by standing for election as a Hastings District Councillor for the Flaxmere Ward.

    To advance issues at the Council round table, Jacoby believes it’s vital that Flaxmere is represented by a professional Councillor who is familiar not only with the issues and the area, but also with legal, government and council process. She understands experientially the issues of Flaxmere having lived in the Flaxmere for 26 years, with the exception of five years at university undergoing professional legal training. She is experienced in government and council environments, working recently for the Ministry of Justice and serving as a Chair and Youth Advocate speaking up for young people on Hastings District Council and Police forums.

    Jacoby ticks the boxes, and would be honoured if you do too.

  17. Yes Tom, for tomorrows challenges, for tomorrrows world, we have to vote for candidates with some understanding ,with empathy to citizens in their electoratives "Bean Counters" are employable , but not real peoples people.with some undersanding concerning our earlier history

    You refer to Marty Sharpe and his comments in the Dominion Post, re "dead wood" as suggested with a couple of Regional Council elected members.

    When looking at Baybuzz H.B at the profile of Anne Wilson Hunt, with aspiring candidate Jacoby Paulain , I felt very envious..

    I had to give a thought to Napiers Cr Maxine Boag, badly mauled by Napier City Council conservatism. even disregarded from a NCC committee that dealt with crime in her own ward. Maxine has had to shrug off 'looks" "sighs" from her entrenched conservative colleagues. reluctant to mix and mingle with all the electorative, as many from NCC feel" safer within the square". Kia Kaha Maxine. Kia Kaha Anne and Jacoby

  18. Hawke’s Bay born and bred, Robert cut his business teeth as an agricultural contractor, still farms at Crownthorpe, but lives and works in town; where he operates Clean Earth ltd, an award winning waste and recycling company with his wife, Deborah.

    “I ‘d like to see greater co-operation between councils, less wastage of time, money and resources, implementation of a regional growth strategy and accountability when things go wrong.”

    “I’ll say no to targeted rates without regard.”

    “It’s not ok to financially cripple our vulnerable leaseholders.”

    “Blackbridge Transfer Station remaining open, as ratepayers wanted and purchasing the asset, Heretaunga House, are some of my contributions to the HDC and it’s that approach I now offer to the Regional Council.”

    ““Ratepayers deserve value in return for their rates. My business has survived and grown through initiative, responsive action and hard work. That’s what I’ll bring to the table for the ratepayer.”

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