Neil Kirton, Regional Councillor: Blathering Idiots

Editor’s Note: In response to a proposal by Councillor Allan Dick to dedicate a half hour before each HBRC public meeting to hearing from citizens, Councillor Neil Kirton had this to say. We kid you not …

Said Kirton:

“I have no intention of listening to some blathering idiot berate me half an hour … We shouldn’t be in a position to have some vexatious ratepayer lecture us.”

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  1. Must remember to ask next Elections how he feels about the vexatious blathering idiots who will be expected to vote in the next HRC members :-(

  2. It's part of the job you arrogant twit. That's why you are an elected representative.

  3. I note how many meetings & events outside of his 'paid' HBRC Mr Kirton attends – none! that I seen many other 'elected officials' attend. It seems the Kirtons feed from the public trough and have done so for many years. Perhaps it is time the curtain came down on Kirton. The people that want to talk to 'their' council are people concerned with what's going on -perhaps we don't go to HBRC meetings because we are sick of listening to balthering idiots. In any case if he is correct we might very well understand one another.' His remark may very well find its way onto his billboards next election- the ones with his 10 year old photo still on it.

  4. When one considers the low voter turnout -Cr Kirton's insulting, contemptuous comments -are maybe just what Napier "iratepayers" need! Good on Cr Dick for making a stand for democracy.

  5. I noted at election time, this person stated ,that he still had something to offer, if this is it, well it is time, the "Curtains" were changed, and dumped, and redecorating takes place.

    Perhaps the "offer" is how to suck, the cream of the top, with minimum input.

    In 2008 we are all, reasonably well educated……we are not all stupid!!


  6. Neil, you are a twat. Such arrogance is unwanted and does you no favours, one would have thought that as a good christian man you would be taking a more generous and open view of the humble peasents you serve.

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