Rumour is that HDC is close to a decision on a new CEO. An announcement is likely before Christmas.

Councillors I’ve heard from are very pleased with the vetting process and the quality of candidates. From that, one can only assume that the Council will take proud and unanimous ownership of this decision — by far one of its most important decisions of the term.

All I hope is that we get a CEO who lives by the motto: “Don’t offend in style when you can offend in substance.”

In other words, it’s OK if there are disagreements on the merits of different policies or initiatives … that’s part of the democratic process.

But it’s not OK if the CEO makes decisions or implements policies in a manner that is disrespectful of authentic public participation and access to information, or in a way that implies that citizens (or Councillors, for that matter) are adversaries or impediments.

Hopefully our Councillors have gotten a clear read on the candidates on this point. For the operating style of the new CEO will become the operating style of the entire enterprise.

We citizens have been good boys and girls, Santa Yule, no lump of coal in our stockings, please!


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