Of interest to BayBuzz readers, two informative events next week …

On Monday the 22nd, 4-6pm, at the Fish & Game office in Meeanee (22 Burness Road, Greenmeadows):

Te Taiao HB, the region’s coalition of environmental organisations, has programmed a workshop  to inform and assist anyone wishing to make a submission to the newly appointed Board of Inquiry on the proposed CHB dam and Tukituki plan change. Submissions close on 2 August.

On Thursday the 25th, 7pm, Havelock High School auditorium:

An evening about climate change — the progress being made around the world, and what we in New Zealand can do to shift towards greater renewable energy generation and smarter transport choices.

Sponsored by Generation Zero, a national youth collective on climate change action.

The speakers are:

Jim Salinger, international climate scientist

Louis Chambers, ex-HB, Generation Zero co-founder and Rhodes scholar

Paul Young, National Energy Research Institute Board

Carlos Chambers, ex-HB, lawyer, Climate Solutions Network

Lawrence Yule, mayor of Hastings, MC

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  1. Both events sound excellent. Anyone planning on making a submission needs to be informed. These events certainly are excellent opportunities to start or continue that process.

  2. What a Duo, Cam Jones with his emotive ramblings and Jim with his adjusted figures. Posted a comment on the ZeroGen site with a more informative link – enjoy!

  3. In part here is the answer – because my comment was not gushingly positive – it was removed, so don’t look for it on the ZeroGen site – link above.
    So will post link here instead, be sure to read ‘Where do Wind Turbines come from?

  4. Climate scientists tell us that the consensus of opinion is that CO2 is the problem causing world temperature to rise. This has to be the most stupid of comments from supposedly learned people. Consensus means absolutely nothing if the Theory is Wrong!!!!
    Only religious beliefs are settled and only politics is done by consensus. Science is indifferent to both because it is necessarily impartial to vested interests. Religion and Politics require advocacy. Science does not. History’s Scientific landscape is littered with the carcases of dead theories all at one time or other held to be the ‘consensus’ view yet many undone by a single ‘heresy’. AGW is just another one. Thankyou Regards Dick Reaney Havelock North

  5. Climate scientist correctly tell us that the climate is changing because of our greenhouse gas emissions, of which carbon dioxide is the most well-known. Generation Zero should be congratulated for taking action to promote simple, effective solutions to the problem.

    Dick Reaney comments “Consensus means nothing if the theory is wrong.” Which is interesting, seeing as we are already seeing the effects of our changing climate, showing that the theory isn’t wrong. Mr Reaney falls into the category of those firmly with their head in the sand over this issue, with organisations including Oxfam, The Royal Society, the European Investment Bank, NASA and even PriceWaterhouseCoopers recognising the issue and taking much needed action.

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