The printed November BayBuzz Digest is now “in the stand” at your local New World.

Or you can download it in PDF form here. Or click on any of these articles.

Business As Usual for Our Councils? — my review of the election outcome and implications for our various councils. (And don’t miss Councillor Kathie Furlong’s dissenting Comment on my interpretation.)

Personal Gripes Motivate Change in Leadership — my take on why Alan Dick was “retired” as Chair of the Regional Council.

Egos Inflate As New Chair Is Elected — Tim Gilbertson on the change of chairs at the Regional Council.

Meet the New Councillors — BayBuzz invited all newly-elected Councillors to reintroduce themselves and share with us their initial objectives …

Jacoby Poulain — HDC, Flaxmere

Scott Henderson — HDC, Havelock North

Simon Nixon — HDC, Hastings

Sandra Hazlehurst — HDC, Hastings

John Roil — HDC, Hastings

Michelle Pyke — NCC, At-large

Kirsten Wise — DHB

Reflections on the Election — Des Ratima talks about lessons he learnt from the campaign.

Thinking Smart: The Other Economy — Stefan Olsen looks at two HB companies that are thriving by using their heads … Firenzo Woodfires and Reaman Industries, Ltd.

No Shortage of Environmental Issues — my forward look at the major environmental issues that will be on the agenda of our various councils over the next term.

Wellesley Binding @ Work — Roy Dunningham reviews Wellesley Binding’s “@ Work” exhibition at the Hastings City Art Gallery, as well as an HCAG exhibition featuring finalists from the 2010 Adam Portraiture Award.

School Camps Breed Survivors — Anna Lorck went to school camp and survived to tell the tale!

And lastly, Thanks for Your Election Support — some reflections on my own campaign for the Regional Council.

Enjoy … Dispute!

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