Defaced Baybuzz sign

Friends of Ocean Beach signs are being defaced and damaged over and over.

But we will not be deterred!

Community support for Friends of Ocean Beach is so strong that we will simply replace each sign our opponents deface or damage. We don’t care how many times we need to do it.

The defacing of Ocean Beach that our opponents have in mind is horribly worse!


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  1. Obviously, retarded children, of the Grafitti type, did this, as any adult, with a small fraction of a brain, would have used a paint brush, and wiped it all out.

    I doubt, that it would be related, to the applicants, of the subdivision, as they know, no matter how many signatures, that are gathered, their proposal, will go ahead, in some shape or form, and they are always, going to apply, for much more than they want, so as, in the end, they get what they wanted…..

    watch and see.

    Then look out, for stage 2, further down the track.



  2. Although i have been working to distribut petitions I have questioned and wondered (and so have those who signed up)why this petition is worded "say no to !'000 Homes at Ocean Beach. Why should we endorse any when this opens the door to more. It seems a defeated attitude from the outset. It should read SAY NO TO ANY NEW HOMES AT OCEAN BEACH. I am short of time and so i havnt't read all that is being circulated about this topic .

    I read your first guest contributor Dean Hyde and cannot understand why you give a voice to such ignorance. Freedom Of Speach should not give licence for this, it is not worth further comment . If Baybuzz wants credibility then it is important that it takes responsibility for the information it circulates.


  3. I have signed the petition that calls for no development that would violate the pristine environment of Ocean Beach, but it comes with qualification.

    Signing the petition is a lot easier than signing the cheque that would stop development taking place, thus ensuring that property owners rights are protected, the bottom line of which is that they are fairly compensated for the frustration of their development aspirations.

    This will involve a substantial cheque indeed. Can the people of Hawkes Bay afford it? Where there is a will there is a way, and I believe that if we really want this unique area propected we can, but the cost will be high. Surely a regional park is the unltimate solution.

    I deplore the vitriol that some people are directing at the owners of Haupouri Station. It is entirely uncalled for.

    Ewan McGregor

  4. I'm concerned that Ewan McGregor does not appear to appreciate that a Councillor signing a petition on a matter on which he may (depending on HBRC's input and role) have cause to be required to vote will (if he is identified as having done so) effectively disqualify him from voting on that matter (since it would then give cause for appeal). An official putting themselves in such a position is foolish at best – well-intentioned though they may be – because it removes them from the very processes that might make a difference!

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