Mclean_2In a Hawke’s Bay Today article run last week “Council loo-sens purse for restrooms” it was revealed Hastings District Council plan to finance new inner-city toilets (west of the railway line) via proceeds from the sale of Nelson Park.

Currently there is only one public toilet managed by HDC in the city’s CBD.

Hastings mayor, Lawrence Yule, said the decision was all about “backing winners” and “showing we care”.

“Western CBD shoppers can now ponder the iconic heritage of Nelson Park while moving a motion,” Mr Yule told BayBuzz. “William Nelson [the park’s original owner] would be stoked to know that after 86 years, his three-hectare legacy has culminated in shiny new crappers for Hastings west.”
Yet the toilets’ source of funding has re-kindled bitter debate from those opposed to the sale of the beleaguered park. “It’s indicative of this council’s tenure that we’ve gone from asset to ablutions,” says Dave Renouf, member of the Save Nelson Park Action Group.
Mayoral challenger Simon Nixon also poo poo’d the move, saying the moral fibre of the council this close to elections, must be questioned. “The decision’s simply a crude attempt by council incumbents to secure the incontinent vote.”

Council’s community services manager, Antoinette Campbell, said 100 commemorative rolls of toilet paper imprinted with the face of the late William Nelson will be produced for the first week of the toilets’ operation.


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