That’s the suggestion of BayBuzz reader Stewart Milne.

Here’s what he recommends … complete with a graphic rendering. And we’re not even paying him $25,000 month, Sam Kelt’s rate. Thanks Stewart!

Think of what we have already.

As a parent running around, rising petrol prices, organising car pooling (therefore not seeing your kids playing sport as it takes longer to drive everywhere) ratepayer paying for yet another under utilised park facility!

It is pleasing to see activity happening in the parks, more people and use therefore less opportunity for vandalism. MORE PRIDE.

Promote, improve and enhance what we have already, WINDSOR PARK, a central inner city location already in use — netball, tennis and cricket (the next to go out of town).

The so called regional park is not for the Napier sporting teams as the word Regional depicts.

The soccer fields indicated (below) have been once at Windsor, now Frimley, next further out at a sports park to justify the reason of a sports park … I dont think!

It will only remove more of the current sports facilities. These with less ratepayers’ investment can be upgraded. Bring back the athletic track and field venue, a track needs maintenance – McLeans Park was well past the due date.

Below is an indicative plan to indicate the sports park facilities can easily be situated within the confines of Windsor Park, including the addition of possible velodrome, athletic track and field venue, room for a stadium, boulevarde, cycle criterion track and an improved swimming pool/canoe polo complex and the essential carparking and access circulation space. Good orientation to the sun with existing wind protection by established planting and large trees.

Not to mention the locality of Windsor motor camp as visitor accommodation which can benefit more local business just a walk away from the competition grounds.

Consider the existing infrastructure already including Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Grounds and Park Staff facilty, Splash Planet, Swimming Pool, Carparking, Paths, gardens and established trees. Local accommodation. Shops. Safe bike ride to get there.

Promote sport, not another park in memory of our councillors leaving us with the tab and another area to be maintained by groundstaff having abandoned another inner city park.

Stewart Milne

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  1. What an excellent idea Stewart regarding Windsor Park.

    I had already mentioned Windor Park as a facility, as well as upgrading Akina Park and other existing sporting facilites to Councillor Speers before the Regional Park was started, but of course the Council is hell bent on having a NEW Park.

    The Council ihas proved to be very good at abandoning present facilities all over the City and going for the NEW to ongoing huge costs for Ratepayers.

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