In our October edition*, just off the press, we’re offering BayBuzz Digest readers the opportunity to rate councils’ performance.

With two years of their terms now gone, Councillors have a year to shape up before the next local body elections.

Here’s our online Council Report Card — your chance to tell them what kind of job you think they’re doing. We’ll publish the results for Councillors and potential candidates to ponder.

You can also voice your opinion on Mayor Yule’s proposed amalgamation of councils.

Grade your Councils here.

Tom Belford

*Here’s the entire October BayBuzz Digest in PDF form.

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  1. Good to see a survey has been put together rating the councils – pity though that it's a relatively negative survey approach. I thought a survey was to find out what is good, bad and indifferent – not all based on negativity. In some people's eyes a council can only do a poor job – but this may not be the opinion of the entire community – so why does it have to have a slant?

  2. Damon, there's plenty of opportunity in the survey for residents, including all of your clients, to indicate they think the councils are doing a brilliant job. Tom

  3. I am looking at the survey purely as a resident and there is a question – "Are there any particular issues where you have been especially disappointed by what one of our Councils has done … or not done".

    If this was a fair survey and one that would give those that read an insight of things that are on the right track – then these should also be expressed. It would also give the council's an idea of where they should focus their attention.

    It's not a case of saying they are doing a a "brilliant" job but where they have had a positive and negative impact.

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