Regional Councillor Tim Gilbertson clearly does, as he demonstrates in today’s Guest Buzzmaker column, not mincing his words!

Lest we all get forgetful and caught up in other matters, large and small, Tim wants us to consider that the sacking of the elected DHB was — in his words — “a dastardly deed if ever there was one.”

I’m bothered by two aspects in this messy affair.

First, the fact that any number of reputations have been left twisting in the wind, while awaiting proper public examination conducted with integrity and impartiality.

And second, the haughtiness of a Wellington politician in overturning the democratic will of the people … as best I can tell merely on the say-so of a conspiratorial bureaucrat at odds with his board. Maybe that’s an unfair observation (my number is in the phone book, Mr. Clark). But no more unfair than this whole offensive process.

Beyond that, I carry no brief for or against the Board. I’ve heard conflicting assessments of the Board’s contribution to improving health outcomes in Hawke’s Bay.

Frankly, I’ve yet to understand what real power and authority the Board holds (held), what policy and resources they actually control, and therefore exactly what outcomes related to our region’s health they should be held accountable for … or not.

Meantime, I would encourage former Board members to speak out on pending issues like the regional sports park and its claimed health benefits for the broad community, lest we forget you exist while the Bay’s health care is in receivership.

Sam Kelt proudly waves a letter from Chris Clark “endorsing” the sports park. I’d be curious to hear what folks like Kevin Atkinson and Diane Kirton think of this investment approach to community fitness.


P.S. Have you seen this video message from Councillor Henare O’Keefe?

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