In his usual straight-from-the-shoulder style, Simon Nixon opposes the sports park in today’s Guest Buzzmaker column.

As a Hastings mayoral candidate in 2007, Simon received 7,147 votes to Mayor Yule’s 11,117 (and Peter Nee Harland’s 1,875). Clearly, he had his ear to the ground then.

How about now? I think many in the community would agree with his analysis of the sports park proposal.

Personally, were I the mayor, or running for mayor, I would not predicate my position on something as important as a potential $60+ million sports park on whether I personally expected to use the facility or not. Simon says he and his family wouldn’t be using it; so he doesn’t want to pay for it.

In fact, as you’ll see in his Buzzmaker column, and as a formal submitter on the sports park, Simon comes up with plenty of strong reasons for opposing the complex, as he also presented in his formal submission.

In any event, nice to hear Simon Nixon speak out on the issue.


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