News Bulletin!

The Hastings District Council announced today an innovative plan to rescue drowning Splash Planet.

Following the recommendations of a $1.2 million study by Australian consultants Atmoiq Design Group, the Council will simply shut off the water in the park.

The Council estimates that annual water savings could amount to as much as $875,000 a year, enough for Splash Planet to turn a small profit if visitor levels hold constant.

Says Mayor Yule, “If it’s a choice between a closed wet Splash Planet and an open dry Splash Planet, I’m certain that area families would prefer open and dry. Plus, they can always bring their own bottled water.”

Indeed, sources at the Council indicate that Splash Planet manager Vicki Munroe is considering a “Free for 4” plan to give free admission to the park to any visitor bringing four liters of water with them.

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