GeldofBreaking news:

Sir Bob Geldof has just this hour been announced as the official act for the 2007 Mission Estate Concert.

Geldof will host Live Aid II – the sequel to his 1985 Live Aid concert success that saw $100 million raised for famine relief.

“Live Aid II has been a work in progress for some time,” says Geldof, “it was simply a matter of finding the most needy beneficiary.”

Geldof told BayBuzz a Time Magazine article on the plight of Hawke’s Bay families prompted the decision to perform at the Mission. “It’s about providing that most basic of elements – water – to the needy children of Hawke’s Bay.

“Every minute, a child waits – to swim at Splash Planet. But for most, they can only dream of affording the walk through the gilded gates; most, still live in a type of fantasyland.

“By bringing major international acts to the Mission, we hope to help the majority of Hawke’s Bay families who presently can’t afford to take their kids for a dip in their own back yard.”

Tickets for the Live Aid II concert “Splash Out” will be on sale next week. BayBuzz will be there – we urge readers to support the worthy cause.



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