I got so excited when I saw this headline on the Hastings Council website yesterday (as only a BayBuzzer could). But my hopes were quickly dashed.

Nevertheless, there’s a message here. This is the actual media announcement, only slightly edited, just published here on the Hastings Council website …

Super budgeter to visit Hastings

“Lyn Webster started trying to lower the cost of her weekly groceries council budget out of necessity but it quickly turned into a challenge; how low could she get the cost of the weekly annual bill.

She began with a budget of $100 $100 million, discovered that $75 million was achievable and then began making her own cleaning material, which helped keep the budget in check.

How did she do it? The Hastings District Council sustainability programme, Sus’d is bringing Lyn to the Hastings War Memorial Library, where she will give you tips and ideas on budgeting and the way to make your money Council’s budget go further.

Since the start of her savings experiment she has become a phenomenon, appearing on TV shows, in magazines and newspapers while her website www.pigtitsandparsleysauce.co.nz has snowballed, attracting interest from around the world.

Waste Minimisation Planner Angela Atkins says “Lyn will show Councillors that budgeting is not rocket science. The way to get started is to look for less expensive and often healthier alternatives to main stream grocery shopping spending”.

Lyn Webster is to demonstrate some great ideas for the home Council, including making your own washing powder and dishwashing liquid fluoride, a deodorant compost and window cleaner.

“Making your own cleaning material supplies can be a little daunting at first but it will save money in the long run and become fun” Mrs Atkins says.

The FREE public event is to be held in the Hastings Library on Wednesday June 15th at 7pm. Recipes for Lyn Webster’s cost saving tips will be available to take home and spot prizes will be on offer to Councillors — and ratepayers — with the best cost-cutting ideas.

Register here and be in the draw for prizes.

P.S. BayBuzz has been informed that Mrs Webster offered to make her presentation to the Napier and Regional Councils as well, but was told they won’t “copy” anything Hastings does. Said Mayor Barbara Arnott: “You made your budget bed in Hastings, go sleep in it!”

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