Yesterday, the Hawke’s Bay Today published an account of the important Heretaunga Plains Urban Development Strategy, mentioning the three options put forward for public consultation.

Unfortunately, the public submission period on these options — which, in a nutshell, deal with whether to plant buildings or crops on the Plains — closed last Friday. Thanks HBT.

Another example of the timely and insightful coverage of important issues we’ve come to expect from HB Today. At least they don’t pretend by calling it something like the Hawke’s Bay Examiner.

But if you prefer your “news” after the fact, you can rejoice in coverage HB Today has planned for the balance of the week. We’ve been given an inside peek …

  • On Wednesday, an in-depth assessment: “Should Nelson Park be sold?”
  • On Thursday, probing the pros and cons: “Does Hawke’s Bay need a port?”
  • On Friday HBT tackles the burning question: “Will Art Deco take hold in Napier?”
  • And in an expanded special edition next weekend, a penetrating analysis: “Face to Face: Yule vs Nixon vs Nee Harland, and Arnott vs Church … A voters’ guide to the 2007 mayoral candidates.”

You might have noticed that HB Today is ten cents more per issue since the new year began. Times are tough for newspapers. I guess you can see why. This kind of journalism costs heaps.

A new HBT editor has arrived in the Bay … perhaps one interested in examining issues. We can always hope!

Tom Belford

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  1. HB Today.

    As long as I can remember our Family has had the Local Newspaper delivered to the gate.

    Some time ago I discovered a new use for the Monday Edition .

    This requires a change to the Holder of ones Razor , a "One Of" Cost.

    Just pop the Paper into the Holder and being already folded its so Thin you can shave with it.



  2. IT will be interesting to see if HB Today does become an agent of fair and balanced analytical reporting on important issues. This is after all what a community should expect of a newspaper. Through the last year the worst scenario was the sheer mass of pro publicity on the merits of the Sports Park and the vicious public assasisinations of people who dared to oppose it – never mind that the opponents had very sound reasons for their opposion stance based on solid research and concerns for the loss of quality production soils. Even the Court accepted these concerns as valid. The previous local body election reporting and "meet the paople" evenings were so much trivia that unless the public personally knew the candidates, what personal goals and achievements they have accomplished are, how are they to make a sound voting decision? Are the public really interested in the candidates choices of leisure reading? HPUDS has been a work in progress for some months now but most members of the public look blank when the term is mentioned. Yet it is one of the most important projects we have on the table right now. The committee is heavily weighted by the business sector but the first and most important issue is to protect our fertile soils for food propduction. for perpetuity. The second would have to be rebuilding functional caring supportive communities, an essential step toward reducing the escalating social and crime problems. Car dependence and lack of basic amenities i.e. shops catering for everyday basic needs, professional and commercial businesses, provision for green areas and social space within the community centre are losing out to Large Format retail outlets sited on the periphery of the cities. These factors are contributing to lack of community cohesion. Poverty is significant in our region yet instead of working on mindset change, upskilling and creation of local jobs for local people we import workers from overseas. Social and health problems are rife. Environment issues are in the "too hard basket." There should be a wide sector of the community represented on this committee. particularly the elderly, Maori, youth, health and wellfare groups and of course environmental groups.. These are the people who will be most affected by the outcomes or who have a wealth of knowledge..

  3. The HB "Yesterday"

    Just in case you missed it all yesterday, the day before or last week in the DominionPost,in the Herald or someplace else, HB "Yesterday" will deliver, IN DUE COURSE!!!!

  4. Interesting to read,"A new editor has arrived in the bay."

    The former Queensland editor Natalle Gauld must be back home in Queensland.?

    I was led to believe ,to become an editor of H.B Today, like a Librarian,he or she should have adequate education concerning H.Bay's ealier history ,to include Ngati Kahungnu and ,perhaps attend a 2 day Treaty Of Waitangi Workshop.?

    Perhaps Natalle Gauld, if her appointment was for a longer tenure, may have voluntariky attended a few relevant courses at the E.I.T,to enable her to sometimes lead from the front concerning H,B issues of concern.?

    Anyway the new editor, am sure will be with us in H.B far longer than Natalle. and soon pick up local knowledge when required..

  5. Bloody good article Tom!

    But lets be honest what can you expect, when Jim Eagle left and Louie Pierard (i'll do free promotion for my daughter who sings opera) took over the paper became crap and has stayed there ever since.

    One of the funniest things I heard was that the papers they give away to fish and chip shop, etc, are actually counted in the circulation figures!

    Anyone knows that if you want real info on the Bay, you either pick up the Dominion or log on to Bay Buzz.

  6. Hey Dean.

    Re Free Newspapers for Fish & Chip Shops.

    They dont give them away, they sell them in Bundles , always have.

    Maybe thats how they Justify the Circulation Numbers as you suggest.



  7. History repeating itself?

    My brother has the first addition of the Hawkes Bay Today actually its ancestor published 1857!

    It is one sheet folded in half. This paper was called the Hawkes Bay Herald And Ahuriri Advocate.

    Not sure whether one could shave with it though!

    It gives an account of Cooks Discovery of NZ and Advertises The Ahuriri Surgeons Services as being available for friendly natives!

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