The new entrance to the Hastings Council building? [Allegedly costing $400,000]

Marineland? [Emphatically NO! says the Napier City Council]

The airport? [Not at those fares!]

The region’s stopbanks? [OK, getting warmer.]

I’d say the Port of Napier.

Here are the latest numbers, released today for the year ending September 30, 2010:

  • Record cargo tonnage, up 18% over 2009 to 3.4 million tonnes;
  • Export tonnage up 370,000 tonnes;
  • Net profit after tax of $7 million, on revenues of $48.8 million;
  • $6.4 million dividend paid to the Regional Council, the Port’s sole shareholder.

All achieved in a declining regional economy, reflecting the success the Port team has had attracting shipping business from outside our immediate region.

Plus steadily building cruise ship traffic, reaching 49 ships, 72,000 passengers (projected to spend $15.9 million) and 31,000 crew in this current season.

And, as best I can determine, ‘good neighbor’ relations with the City of Napier and local environmentalists.

Well done to Board Chair Jim Scotland and his Directors, and to CEO Garth Cowie and his team.

Tom Belford

P.S. To all concerned: Just keep a sharp eye on the Port’s (ERMA-sanctioned) use of methyl bromide, a highly toxic fumigant banned, or being phased out, in most of the world.

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  1. Hmmm … I'd like to know more about PON's use of methyl bromide, a highly toxic fumigant banned, or being phased out, in most of the world.

  2. What about the Whirinaki electricity generation plant?

    It's owned by the Government at present but up for sale

    The plant was built in 2004 to ensure electricity prices remained affordable when the supply ran low (water storage)

    Now there will be no safeguards and we can expect ever increasing gouging by the supply companies.

    Perhaps Chris Tremain, National MP for Napier, can explains how the sale this State asset fits into his party's promise to not sell any State assets in the first term.

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