The lawsuit brought by area councils against then-Health Minister Cunliffe on behalf of the sacked DHB Board members generated voluminous affidavits and supporting exhibits (letters, reports, press releases, emails, etc). We have posted the most illuminating of these documents on the BayBuzz website at

There you can find affidavits and evidence of the key players, David Cunliffe, Kevin Atkinson and Chris Clarke. Affidavits supporting the elected Board’s position from Mayor Yule, John Newland and Dr David Lawson, as well as a Synopsis of Submissions on behalf of the Plaintiffs. And materials supporting Mr Cunliffe’s position from Peter Hausmann and Dr David Grayson, as well as a Respondent Submissions Summary.

Everything you need to adjudicate the case yourself!

Of course, the lawsuit was suspended when current Health Minister Tony Ryall “persuaded” Commissioner Sir John Anderson to invite the elected-but-deposed Board members to rejoin the reconstituted DHB Governance Board. The Terms of Reference codifying the new governance arrangement are also posted on the BayBuzz website. This document is “must read” if you really want to understand the current roles and authorities. These groundrules apply until the next local elections (2010) or, I suppose, until (if sooner) Sir John Anderson resigns his post.

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