What’s more important to any business than satisfied customers? And despite getting knocked around a bit by politicians, Hawke’s Bay Inc has its growing share, as these comments indicate.

Hawke’s Bay Opera House: “HB Inc has been the major instigator in achieving a collaborative approach to conference marketing in our region … Recently we worked with HB Inc to bid for the Conference & Incentives NZ (CINZ) member conference. The Opera House was one member of the committee that won the bid which resulted in bringing major conference organisers to Hawke’s Bay and to our venue. This was a real coup for the area and without a doubt would result in generating new conference leads for our venue as well as right across the region … HB Inc has provided us with vital research on the conferences held in Hawke’s Bay and regularly updates us on training and networking opportunities.”

Ross Bramwell, HB Rugby World Cup 2011: “(We are) starting the work required to make sure that Hawke’s Bay makes the most of what RWC has to offer by showcasing the region and generating maximum economic benefit. HB Inc. is now driving this project … this organisation has been involved with the process since day one and is well placed to see the job through … It has extensive links with business, key sectors, and other partner agencies allowing it to make sure that all potential is achieved for regional businesses and people. It is involved with key national agencies which are focusing strongly on RWC at a national level, ensuring no duplication of effort … I am fully confident that the role HB Inc. will play in this project will ensure that the region gets maximum return.”

Southern Lights Biomaterials: “We have made extensive use of Hawkes Bay Inc.  We have had grants to support a range of development needs (Market Development and Global Expert) via the NZTE programmes. We have also been introduced to the local support of NZTE by HB Inc. in a variety of ways, including market intelligence, translations, etc. for a number of new markets. HB Inc has also been instrumental in making introductions to local potential investors in our company, and in managing the process of our securing a substantial Tech NZ R&D grant.  HB Inc has provided invaluable support to our expansion.”

Waimarama Maori Tourism: “It is difficult for a small business like Waimarama Maori Tourism to pay for their own international marketing promotion, and therefore having access to Hawke’s Bay Inc has been very important to the growth of our business internationally.  The Regional Marketing Team at HB Inc are motivated, hard working and knowledgeable, and they are a great one-stop shop for tourism advice. Waimarama Maori Tourism has utilized their expertise in many facets of the tourism business … and they have a number of marketing tools available to tourism operators’ in the region.”    

Johnny Ormond, Wallingford: “… as a new operator where does one turn to for help and advice, particularly as one is so absorbed in just doing and learning the demanding day to day stuff of the people business.  For us much of that fuel came directly from the enthusiasm and time that HB Inc staff put into our small venture.  Goaded to attend meetings to meet other operators and share experiences, pushed by e-mails to join HB wide promotional efforts, or just being available by phone to help, and their enthusiasm is of course infectious – but of all those things these people bothered to actually visit our small establishment and see what the offer actually was all about and then give advice.”

Polymer Systems International: “Being a small plastic manufacturing company, new to the region and new to applying for any type of government funding, we were somewhat unsure where to turn for professional advice. We were referred to Hawke’s Bay Inc and found them very helpful … (They) looked into the projects we were working on and what we were striving to achieve. They explained the government schemes available to assist businesses and recommended the appropriate paths we should consider. It became apparent that both TechNZ and NZTE funding schemes could be applicable to our situation. With their further assistance, the appropriate forms were filled out and both of our applications were successful … Working with HB Inc has eased the hoops and hurdles that need to be negotiated in dealing with government departments.”

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