From BayBuzz reader Jeff Worshop:

What’s in a name?

In a move that appears to recognise the low-flow problems that beset the Tukituki, a plan has been revealed that may divert attention in the future.

In its wisdom the Regional Council has decided not to restrict the many farmers that suck the famous river dry by introducing limits.

Instead, the council believes changing public perceptions of the river will take the heat out of the debate.

The plan is quite simple really. For a region that takes pride in calling things as they see them a name reflecting the true state of the river will in future lower expectations of what flows down the valley.

Since the locals don’t like big change, a subtle approach has been suggested. With some simple typographic adjustments, all of the signage that points to the river can be amended with minimal expense. And anyone preparing a document can just re-programme the name in spell check.

Within no time, most won’t expect to find a flowing river when they visit for their
mid-summer swims.

Click here to see Jeff’s money-saving and image-correcting typographic transformation of Tukituki.

Don’t forget the Regional Council’s Tukituki meeting tonight (WED), 7:30pm at the Havelock North Community Center.


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