Awakening to the threat of another local election year, incumbent Councillors are bombarding HB Today and local radio with vital news of their contributions to the public good.

For example, Hastings District Councillor Mandy Kimber from Havelock North writes to HB Today that she’s against “menacing and dangerous” dogs. Courageous indeed!

Regional Councillor Christine Scott wants credit for bringing possum control to Napier Hill, and draws HB Today’s attention to her attendance at a “drought symposium” in California where she learned there was nothing to be learned. Not surprising, I’d say, after three terms of allocating the Bay’s water like there’s no tomorrow.

And in the ultimate puff piece, Regional Councillor Kevin Rose becomes a cub reporter for HB Today, writing of his governance experience as one of the Regional Council’s committee chairs. His lesson: good Councillors give staff plenty of “space” and — wouldn’t you know — we get better possum control as a result. Only a four-term Councillor could produce results like that!

HB Today will need to create a special “news” supplement to give incumbent Councillors adequate scope to self-congratulate their many accomplishments over the past years.

Indeed, insiders have informed BayBuzz of some of the Councillor newsmaker stories still working their way through HB Today’s editing process …

Another story from Councillor Kimber: “Today I’m announcing my unqualified support for sunshine and songbirds.”

From Regional Councillor Ewan McGregor: “I promise to plant a tree for every vote I get in 2010.”

From Regional Councillor Eileen von Dadelszen: “Though some have tried, no Councillor has raised more points of order than I have in the last fifteen years.”

Another from Councillor Rose: “I’m pleased to announce that because of my our good governance our stop banks are working.”

From Hastings Councillor Kevin Watkins: “Over my last three terms, I’ve … uh.”

And a photo opportunity proposed by Councillor McGregor: “To prove how unpolluted the Tukituki is, I will eat any trout from the river presented to me, diseased gills and all.”

Apparently these incumbent officeholders believe that, by going on the offensive in a compliant HB Today with stories of such accomplishment, vision and determination, they can deter new candidates from standing for election.

I think many incumbents will need a Plan B this year!

Tom Belford

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  1. How true is this Tom, and pitiful to observe!

    Tt is time for many of these tired councillors to leave.

  2. It is a matter of public record that it was myself who instigated the joint HBRC and NCC Possum and vermin contol on the hill with the specific objective of bird recovery.

    I did this with submissions to the Botanical gardens fence debacle followed up with submissions to the Draft Annual Plans of both NCC and HBRC requesting they cooperate in a joint venture.

    Officers have acknowledged this and I have lodged a submission on the draft annual plan of both HBRC and NCC in response to Cr Scotts opportunist electioneering claims in a letter in HB Today published on the 10th of May.

    For the past 6 months I have been denied the right to set the record right in letters to the editor. My submission with attachment staff letters seeks formal acknowledgments.

    I confirm it was a hearings decision chaired by Cr Scott that created a new round of watertakes in the Tuki catchment when there was not the scientific resource data to support it. Result. Tuki and aquifer denuded of water. (See earlier posting Morry Blacks excellent report to HDC)

    I have a joint submission lodged on that issue to the HBRC Draft Annual Plan and to that of CHBDC.

  3. That's right Tom. Tomorrow is a public planting day at Pakowhai Country Park. I'll be there, securing a few more votes. I'll have a spare spade Tom. 9 o'clock it starts.

    Ewan McGregor

  4. I am pleased to read about the efforts of Christine and Derek W. in their efforts towards Opposum and vermin control on Napier Hill ..I have been at the same for over 10 years at the Bluff Hill end ,we need more support ,,There is just too much food for them ,especially the rats .. The feral cats on the Bluff could also do with a culling ..

  5. Ref Alan Burke response.

    Hi Alan with repect to feral cats. The SPCA has had a contract with NCC to trap feral cats since 2002. I suggest you speak to them at their office in Battery Rd Ahuriri or contact CAMBELL LECKIE of HBRC who is coordination officer of the joint HBRC and NCC possum and vermin control that includes rats.

    Your concerns will be taken seriously and dealt with. I have drawn Cambells attention to your posting by e-mail tonight but it is Friday so will not be seen untill Monday. Thank you.

  6. What is critical for the Region is a Biodiversity Strategy.This is something I pushed for as a councillor and submitted on a couple of years ago.Core functions of the council lack prominance.

  7. Ref Cr McGregors posting

    Why petulent statements of having a spare spade for Tom rather than provide a plausible explanation for the unscientic granting of precedent setting water takes for intensive dairing on unsuitable ground over a sensitive upper catchment of the Tuki and charging area

    of the Ruatanwha aquifer.

    That also feeds the tuki in its middle

    reaches via springs near Cr McGregors home

    at Patangata and why trout gather there during man induced extended low summer flow periods.

    Trout stop feeding at 18C water temperature and at 20C shut down into survival mode and at 24C die.

    The springs the fish gather at are not running at the same volumes because of pressure loss with a depleted aquifer.

    This further reduces habitat and is the cause of toxic blooms with enhanced nutrient and decrease soluble oxygen levels.

    It also triggers Endoctine Disablement Chemical (EDC's) fish fungal disease deaths.

    These come from substandard treated human waste water discharges, feriliser and animal body waste runoffs in particular from intensive dairying and excessive watering

    This will get worse with water take consents in excess of aquifer recharge annual rate.

    How does that fit in with the mandate on

    which Regional Councils came into being

    to manage natural resources in a self sustaining manner.

    Planting trees at Pakowhai wont compensate for that monumental blunder or that in the upper catchments of the Mohaka Cr McGregor?

    Nor will birds singing in Urban area's and stealing others unpaid effort in facilitating that in oppotunist electioneering.

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