In March 2007 the Hastings District Council published a booklet, the Whakatu Community Plan 2006-2016, reflecting a collaborative effort to set forth a plan of action to meet the aspirations of the community.

Whakatu faces tough challenges given the co-habitation of its 900 or so residents with a group of growing industrial neighbors.

I walked around the area on Monday with Aggie Paipper, the newly-selected interim Chair of the Whakatu Village’s citizen Action Group. Using the Community Plan as a reference guide, it was pretty plain that not much has been achieved on behalf of the residents since the booklet was published, complete with a rousing foreword from Mayor Yule.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of the issues in Whakatu and the jumble of local and central government authorities that thwart accountability … and would confuse the savviest lawyer-lobbyist, let alone average citizens trying on their own after-hours to seek modest improvements in their lives.

But the locals seem to be re-energised. They’re getting organised to push their agenda. The Hastings Council is also preparing. And Baybuzz will be helping anyway we can.


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