Last week, Mark kicked off a lively exchange on restaurant service around the Bay. Here’s more on the topic.

This past Monday, my family celebrated a birthday with dinner at The Old Church Restaurant in Meeanee. I confessed to some trepidation at this choice, having heard some complaints about service there.

But off we went.

And we found that, while not all the bugs have been worked out at this relatively new establishment, management certainly appears to be taking service seriously.

When only one in our party ordered an starter course, a waitress showed up with a complimentary order of warm bread and concocted a dip at our table … perhaps to keep everyone else happy while I savored my calamari!

When the kitchen staff somehow determined that we had waited too long for our main courses (something I hadn’t noticed … the wait seemed not particularly long, certainly not longer than elsewhere, and we were having a good time), our waitress announced that we would be given complimentary desserts.

When my wife didn’t order dessert, her cappuccino became complimentary instead.

Other staff visited the table to check on things … including whether we were too cold. We were, and the nearby door to the outdoors was promptly closed.

Not only was the service superlative, they had good bourbon … a few brands far superior to the Jack Daniels (not even really bourbon) and Jim Beam (swill) passed off as bourbon in virtually every other Bay bar and eatery.

On Easter Monday, I’d have to give The Old Church Restaurant a solid “10” out of 10 for service.

Was it a fluke? I think not … there were too many signs that service has been made a priority there. Hopefully you’ll have the same experience.


BTW, I had the duck breast … very good. I was happy with it, though I’d still have to give the nod locally to St. Georges Restaurant’s duck when you’re lucky enough to find it on their menu.

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