BayBuzz wants to welcome the new CEO of Hastings District, Ross McLeod, who starts today.

Ross, we’d like to suggest one of the first questions you might want to ask your staff (best to get the bad news right off):

“Is it true that the Council’s unrestricted reserve funds have disappeared, rather quickly? What have they been used for?”

We know that’s two questions … but who’s counting? Apparently no one at HDC!


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  1. Is not the Hastings District Council not yet aware,most of HB are very unhappy re the propoesed degredation of Ocean Beach.?

    How many more signatures required, or if HDC do not listen to the ratepayes, willa legal oponion support our concern.?

  2. Do you realise that Ocean Beach is of archeological importance?

    An Opus archeologist has studied it and lodged a report with historic places. Why has this not been taken into account?

    Please consider banning vehicles on this beach. They do untold damage and ruin safety on the beach. It cannot be considered a road. There are no markings or provision for pedestrians. We will have an accident there soon. To see cars weaving around children playing is shocking.

  3. Pat, in reply to your earlier comment, the most important thing is that we get as many signatures as possible to Chris and Linda Ryan by Wednesday night at the latest! The petition can continue past this point, but this Thursday will see the Council starting to decide how it will position itself with regard to the proposed plan change, and the number of signatures will play a role in this.

    Secondly, a legal opinion is certainly of benefit. In fact, the submissions to Council (due on 29 Feb) will include submissions from legal counsel. These legal counsel are being employed by Future Ocean Beach (see their website, Legal counsel aside however, ANY opinion from an expert or a prominent community member would hold great sway in the submissions process, and if you or someone you knew was prepared to contribute this would be a real help.

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