Hedging his bets in the event Kiwi voters are finally ready to give him the boot, Winston Peters has launched a parallel campaign for election as President of the United States.

Here is a “must view” US television news report on his candidacy, which Winston apparently has taken great pains to make look spontaneous.

BayBuzz reached Mr. Peters last night by phone in New York City after a Wall Street fundraising event. Here is his statement:

I’m sick and tired of small-minded, penny-pinching Kiwis. Here in America they don’t chop down the tall poppy. And they have no worries about moral or ethical scruples. Money talks in American politics. BIG money … like hundreds of millions of dollars in this presidential race alone. This is my kind of money. I want to swim in an ocean of green, not some lilliputian pond! I figure, if I’m going to take the risk of not disclosing my campaign contributions, I might as well go after the real fat cats … I’ve picked up a dozen million dollar pledges at just this one event tonight. No sign of financial meltdown in this crowd.”

We asked Winston about his election chances:

“My US campaign manager, my dear friend Condi Rice, tells me I don’t have any chance of winning, but I should do well enough to hold the swing votes in the Electoral College. Helen Clark was just a warm-up act … now I’m looking forward to having Obama or McCain by the short hairs.”

Somehow, I think Winston will do just fine in America. You really must see the video report!


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  1. I voted for nz1st party

    I believe in you winston peters

    I believe in nz1st

    There's luv out here for you winston

    feel the luv


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