Defiant and ethically challenged Winston Peters says: “I’ll place my faith in the people of New Zealand to decide the outcome of this case.”

I don’t think we should keep Winston twisting in the wind, awaiting his public verdict, till November 8th.

So let’s vote RIGHT NOW … RIGHT HERE!

Vote in the BayBuzz Public Ethics Survey to:

1. Give your verdict to Winston.

2. Tell Helen Clark what you think of her handling of the Winston affair.

3. Tell John Key what you think of his “mistake” about his Tranz Rail shares.

Each of these individuals seems intent on making a mockery of integrity in government. Or are they, respectively, merely harassed by vengeful media and political partisans (Peters), desparately loyal to a misunderstood black sheep of the governing coalition (Clark), or sadly infected by Peters’ politically contagious memory loss disease (Key)?

You can give your opinion and cast your vote RIGHT NOW … RIGHT HERE!

Just three votes to cast.

This survey will be passed along to bloggers throughout NZ. Let’s not wait for November 8th, let’s send our message now!

We’ll publish the results every couple of days or so.


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  1. The quiz answers went a bit further than what I wanted to say-however-

    1/.I am sick of hearing about W.P

    2/.I guess Helen did not agree with the trial outcome seeing it came from his peers & it was not a court of law.

    3/. John Key probably has more shares than one could shake a stick at.

    It is a bit 'rich' that he attempted to make money out of what was 'stolen' from it's original owners.

    I don't think he has many ethics either -getting power by any means [that remain hidden]. Just more of the hollowmen saga.

    But then i am just a bit biased myself.

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