As we reported on December 27th, the new $27 million Hastings sewage treatment plant in Clive isn’t working … in fact it hasn’t worked properly since it was “turned on” back in July.

Hastings Council staff and consultants got permission from the Regional Council to pump untreated sewage directly into the Bay over the holidays, indicating they would get the problem fixed by January 6th. But they haven’t been able to fix it … indeed there now seem to be even more possible glitches in the system, so the pumping into the Bay continues.

In light of this, Mayor Yule has made a special appeal to residents of Hastings, asking their help in three ways to help relieve the crisis.

First, Hastings residents are asked to hold it in as much as possible over the next month. Every little bit of waste reduction helps take pressure off the system.

Second, if you find it impossible to resist the urge, use the flash public toilets in Napier. However, given expected demand, bookings will be essential, and can be made on the Napier City Council website.

Said Mayor Arnott, “Although many Napierites have always felt Hastings people were full of it, in the spirit of the new year we will make our facilities available, though this cannot continue indefinitely. However, I do believe this irregularity will seriously set back the cause of amalgamation with Napier voters.”

Third, residents throughout the Bay can donate an air freshener of any kind to the Clive Community Breathable Air Trust. These will be distributed on a “first come” basis to Clive residents, who are suffering the most from this infrastructure disaster. [Note: Three to a household limit.] You can drop off your air freshener at the Brown Bag in Clive … or if you’d rather not visit Clive under the circumstances, collection points in Hastings are listed on the HDC website.

Says Mayor Yule: “I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience, and I assure you we haven’t flushed $27 million down the toilet. I promise to get this matter behind us. And I hope to do heaps better in my next term.”

Tom Belford

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  1. Thank you for this chuckle this morning…..not that the sewage is the least bit funny but it's nice to be able to laugh about it…

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