In the latest Baybuzz Digest, our elected Council leaders have each provided their outlook for the year ahead, which you can review using the links highlighted below.

Mayor Arnott, in a Pretty Good Year Ahead, paints the rosiest picture … it looks like clear sailing for the residents of Napier.

Mayor Yule, in The Year of Democracy, expects a more contentious year, with vexing issues on the Hastings agenda and heaps of political maneuvering by potential candidates.

Chairman Dick of the Regional Council, in Fighting for Survival, sees 2010 as a year for his Council to gain traction and move into action on key decisions made last year … for example, on clean-up of the Tukituki and Mohaka Rivers.

And in her Counterpoint column, Black and White, Anna Lorck carries the torch for amalgamation, applauds “cheerleader” Mayor Yule, and prods Mayor Arnott and Chairman Dick to get behind “a bigger and brighter regional future.”

So check out these articles for a preview of the political agenda for the year ahead.

Tom Belford

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