You can manage your subscription to BayBuzz at anytime using our online portal. Simply follow the link below and you will be taken to our online portal. Enter the email address that your subscription is under and you will be sent an email with a one-time link so you can manage your subscription.

From this online portal you can:

  • Update your credit card details
  • Update your contact details
  • Upgrade or downgrade your subscription
  • View all your payments to date
  • Cancel your subscription

NOTE: this is only for customers that have signed up to BayBuzz by credit card.

Cancel Your BayBuzz Subscription

You can cancel your subscription to BayBuzz at anytime no strings attached. If you signed up to BayBuzz by credit card you can cancel your subscription using our online portal.

If you did not use a credit card to subscribe then you can simply fill in the online form below and request to cancel your subscription.

We will do our best to cancel your subscription before the next auto renewal, but we can not guarantee this, it will depend on when we are notified and when the next auto renewal is scheduled.

Fill out my online form.