Needed: More local news and info, not less!

Coronavirus threatened the viability of BayBuzz, like most other businesses.

Fortunately, we had already begun steps to expand our online reporting significantly. We prepared our website for augmented content and daily refreshing, developed the template for The Buzz– a weekly email-delivered update on news and other content, and worked out the editorial and logistical processes for generating substantially more content, more frequently.

Then, with foundation laid, we launched The Buzz, which has gotten great response. But our online service still needs refinement and further investment.

With your help, we will expand and deepen our online services going forward.

BB magazine
Meantime, our flagship BayBuzz magazine continually improves in design and content, but the advertising market remains soft, with many of the region’s same and mid-sized businesses remaining cautious.

Taken together – the ‘hard’ costs of expanding of our online service and printing and distributing a magazine – leave us seeking additional funds — both in the form of investment capital (yes, BayBuzz is a business in which you can invest) and donations.

Going forward, everything about BayBuzz is local — local ownership, local content focus, local voices you know and respect, local Event calendar, local celebration and engagement with our community.

Here’s a brief video recording what some of our local supporters have to say.

So, I am asking you to contribute toward the funds we need to better serve Hawke’s Bay.

If you would like to donate to BayBuzz, just select the option that suits. And I should emphasise, your contribution will be more than matched by the time volunteered by many members of our committed BayBuzz team.

If you would like to invest in BayBuzz, contact me at

Thank you for considering our appeal.

Tom Belford
Publisher & Editor