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3 Waters update … HB’s future path?

The Government just announced its new water infrastructure model for Auckland’s Watercare, which signals how Hawke’s Bay and the rest of NZ will be treated when it comes to managing…

Fluoride data too mysterious

Wherever one sits in the fluoride debate in Hawke’s Bay (I brush with fluoride toothpaste and rainwater), our residents deserve better data from our health system. So long as a…


A matter of taste

[As published in May/June BayBuzz magazine.] Nomadic gatherers used tongue and nose to test possible foods.  Not in a pretentious sommelier-adjacent way (cat’s piss on a gooseberry bush was just…


[As published in May/June BayBuzz magazine.] My computer password is HelpM3Please.  OK, I know I shouldn’t publish such things, but I promise to change it before this goes to print.…