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Click the graphic below for the latest informative media releases from official sources: Councils, Health authorities, Civil Defence, Gov’t agencies, Unison. Information you need, that we don’t need to ‘re-package’.

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Flaxmere students drive solar project

Flaxmere College students have conceived and fundraised for a solar project to provide for the school’s electricity needs. The first phase is installed … and eventually the system will provide…


Liz’s Art Deco Picks

Liz has curated a selection of Art Deco events that might capture your interest, encouraging you to participate and show your support for the Art Deco Trust and hosting venues.…

Best Hawke’s Bay Wine Moments

[As published in Jan/Feb BayBuzz magazine.] While 2023 definitely delivered anger, eye-rolls, heartbreak and tears, peppered throughout the frustrating times were moments of absolute gold, moments of grin-inducing excellence for…