It’s not about tourism

It’s about Hawke’s Bay Tourism. In recent submissions to the HB Regional Council on the matter of proposed de-funding…

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Click the graphic below for the latest informative media releases from official sources: Councils, Health & transport authorities, Civil Defence, Gov’t agencies, Unison. Information you need, that we don’t need to ‘re-package’.

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Drip feeding ‘3 Waters’

The Government has introduced legislation that would enable our local councils to shift their direct responsibility for water services to new separate entities, getting the funding problem off the councils’…

Security of HB’s electricity supply

Ensuring a secure electricity supply in New Zealand presents a multifaceted challenge, particularly during periods of high winter demand and low lake levels.  Nationally, the primary goal is to address…


Heathers The Musical

I was 15 when Heathers the movie came out in ‘89 and blew us all away. It was my Mean Girls, my Easy A. It was gritty, dark and dirty, and lots of fun.…

A crush course in wine lingo

[As published in May/June BayBuzz magazine.] We’ve all been there.  Picked up a bottle of wine and turned it over to see if we could learn a little more about…

A matter of taste

[As published in May/June BayBuzz magazine.] Nomadic gatherers used tongue and nose to test possible foods.  Not in a pretentious sommelier-adjacent way (cat’s piss on a gooseberry bush was just…