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Is rescue coming for the Ahuriri Estuary?

BayBuzz videographer Patrick O’Sullivan interviews key stakeholders concerned with the deteriorating condition of the Ahuriri Estuary and — perhaps — finally mobilising with sufficient commitment to save it.

Have your final say on Waimarama Beach access

After soliciting extensive ‘informal’ feedback on vehicle access to Waimarama Beach, the Hastings Council has put forward its recommended option for official consultation. Previous rounds of pre-consultation consistently found majorities…

Take the Te Mata Park survey

The Te Mata Park Trust surveys Park users every two years to learn more about how Te Mata Park is used, gauge how satisfied you are with your experiences in…


Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors, at Central Hawke’s Bay Municipal Theatre until 29 June, is an excellent example of doing a few simple things well, rather than attempting everything all at…

Heathers The Musical

I was 15 when Heathers the movie came out in ‘89 and blew us all away. It was my Mean Girls, my Easy A. It was gritty, dark and dirty, and lots of fun.…

A crush course in wine lingo

[As published in May/June BayBuzz magazine.] We’ve all been there.  Picked up a bottle of wine and turned it over to see if we could learn a little more about…