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Our waterways overloaded with contaminants

For the first time, under National Science Challenge auspices, NZ’s waterways have been assessed against ‘minimum acceptable’ contaminant standards carefully, scientifically set in the current National Policy Statement for Freshwater…

Cape Sanctuary hiding behind fence

BayBuzz has written a series of articles (most recent, and here) on Cape Sanctuary’s mishandling of endangered kiwi under its stewardship in recent years. This past week, Newsroom environment editor, David Williams, has…



[As published in Nov/Dec BayBuzz magazine.] Tis the season for gatherings and nothing says gathering like a Boxing Day sale, a fire alarm drill or a potluck meal. The shared…

Champions of Gindustry

[As published in Nov/Dec BayBuzz magazine.] Back in 2021 I put together a blind tasting competition for New Zealand gin for another magazine. “Maybe I can do it myself at…

Taking a new road

[As published in Nov/Dec BayBuzz magazine.] Mā te Toi ka whakahokia e ahau tōku Mana. Through my art I take back my power. Māori whakatauki, or proverb  In February, I…

Gifts that keep giving

[As published in Nov/Dec BayBuzz magazine.] A sustainable festive season for a win/win Twinkling lights, carols in the park, freshly picked strawberries, pōhutukawas in bloom. The holiday season is upon…