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On the weekend, Waipukurau dairy company, Lindsay Farm, emailed approximately 1,900 partnerfamilies to inform them they are not able to supply them with raw milk this week, with the future of the service uncertain. It has been “a tough, heart breaking and stressful week for us here at Lindsay Farm,” wrote Ange Brooks.

After 12 years of impeccable supply, Lindsay Farm returned one positive campylobacter test on Monday 3rd of August. They have had some negative tests since, but are still awaiting full results of further testing, which is taking longer than expected.

MPI have threatened legal action, effectively forcing Lindsay Farm to relent and sign up to the raw milk scheme, which prevents them from supplying raw milk under their current supply model. They are now “taking some time as a family to figure out what we do moving forward”.

To which BayBuzz designer Giselle Reid responds.

Dear Lindsay Farm,

Our family are saddened to hear of yet another hurdle in your mission to supply beautiful, natural milk to those who wish to purchase it. We have been enjoying your milk and its benefits for at least five years.

Your dedication to find a way to keep supply going throughout multiple major obstacles has been incredible, and we salute you. Thank you for the fabulous open days, your passion to producing the best product without compromise, your honesty and transparency.

This must be taking a huge toll on your family. Keep fighting the fight, but not to the death.

If you cannot continue to supply raw milk at the scale that you were, then I’m sure there are many others like us who would still purchase a pasteurised version of your 100% A2 and organic milk. There is no way we will resort to drinking that F-word alternative! We know your milk is produced with love and care and comes from the happiest of cows. We appreciate that above all.

Wishing you all the best in finding a way forward.

 The Reid Family

 Earlier this year BayBuzz wrote about Lindsay Farm’s fight to supply raw milk here:

 Photo credit: Florence Charvin.

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