While we had our highest number of deaths from Covid-19 announced today, we have only 17 new cases nationwide (and no new cases for Hawke’s Bay). Dr Ashley Bloomfield confirms, “Yes, we are passed the peak, that seems clear now.”

Hawke’s Bay Covid-19 Case Numbers

14 AprilHastingsNapierCHBWairoaTotal
New cases00 0 00
Total cases 14 24 0 3 41
Hospitalisations     0
Recovered5 7   12
Number of tests in HB     2,156

(as of 13 Apr)

14 AprilNew ZealandGlobal
New cases17

(1,772 tested)

Total cases1,366

(64,399 tests)

 1.9 million

(3 in ICU)


Source: Ministry of Health, Hawke’s Bay DHB, and John Hopkins University.

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