Project Do Less Tiles

For all those bits and bobs that you’re never really sure about. Are they rubbish? Are they recycling? The answer may be here…

The legends at Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay accept all of this stuff for free! 

– HDPE 2 bottle tops
– PP5 bottle tops and 
– containers up to 2L
– bread tags
– ink cartridges and toners
– fluorescent light bulbs and tubes
– glad wrap, ziplock bags, food storage containers
– razors and packaging
– batteries
– coffee capsules
– aluminium foil and trays
– aluminium screw caps
– oral care products
– metal jar lids
– metal bottle tops
– candle waxes
– cellphones
<sigh of relief>

NB. Keep them separate to make it easier for the volunteers at the centre.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the fifth tip: e-Waste.

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