Over 1,100 tests in Hawke’s Bay over the last week, but it’s been 10 days since a positive case. And despite the biggest oomph nationally in testing yet, with close to 7800+ tests yesterday, only one new confirmed case in the whole country.

For the data nerds out there, a really cool new tracking tool to explore is the Covid-19 Policy Watch, which enables you to compare and contrast 26 different countries’ Covid-19 responses and Covid data, updated daily and sourced from official government sites and, where necessary, reputable news outlets.

If you’re also pondering why NZers did so well in complying with lockdown, particularly now as that willingness starts to fray and we walk blinkingly towards the light, according to a couple of  Otago academics it’s all down to “martial virtues”, our surprisingly persistent ‘habits of the heart’ as a nation (courage, endurance, self-sacrifice, etc, for the greater good), and the dominant political value of fairness. See the newsroom article here. 

Hawke’s Bay Covid-19 Case Numbers

8 MayHastingsNapierCHBWairoaTotal
New cases00 0 00
Total cases 16 25 0 3 44
Hospitalisations 0
Recovered1417 334

(77% of cases)

Number of tests in HB5,836
8 MayNew ZealandGlobal
New cases1

(7,812 tested)

Total cases1,490

(175,835 tests)

 3.9 million

(0 in ICU)


(90% of cases)

1.3 million

Source: Ministry of Health, Hawke’s Bay DHB, and John Hopkins University.

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