Wading through what the public health experts have to say, maybe not so fast.

Yes, the nationwide stats look favourable. A tremendous credit to our frontline health professionals and to the citizens of NZ who have done their absolutely essential part by complying with the lockdown.

And thanks to closing our borders as tightly as the Government has and will continue to do.

But the cautionary note still being sounded by the health scientists — the team of epidemiologists — advising the Government revolves around how robust health officials’ ability is to carry out contact tracing should breakouts occur.

And the scientists are nervous about this, saying that more extensive Covid-19 testing is needed, along with consequent data analysis. They want more certainty that if the cat gets out the bag, we’ll catch it pronto and track its every step.

Is total certainty possible in the real world? Probably not. So what level of risk are you comfortable with?

A second issue involves children.

Everyone feels the urgency around getting the economy back on track — ie, allowing workers back to work. But this requires — concurrently — getting young children back into day care, pre-school and primary and intermediate school so their parents can go to work. These are obviously difficult environments to practice measures like social distancing. So parents will be understandably concerned about their children’s welfare.

Many parents, still told they themselves can’t go to a cafe, retail shop or restaurant for safety reasons, will balk at the inconsistency of sending their kids to classrooms with 20-30 others.

Time to relax to Level 3? Tough call. That’s why the PM is was paid $471,000.

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