As reported by BayBuzz informer …

Chairman Fenton Wilson, at HBRIC plotting session:

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t punch out Councillor Belford if the opportunity arises.”

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  1. Now you’re getting to the compromised core – and beyond any ability to incriminate by insinuatation …

    But you can always insinuate … eradication by termination!

    I agree with RPh, wear it! Oc, when secrecy and loyalty are the highest virtues in the public arena, betrayals are vices that deserve everything they (might) get.

    Who will rid me of this turbulent councillor-journalist – who unlike us doesn’t know what he represents? (COIs at the door, please. In plain language we want progress not procastination, and people who know where they stand going forward. )

  2. But don’t join them by playing the man at this stage.

    Lampoon their arguments, yes, but pushback by addressing their arguments, terms of reference, own compromised positions that may not be using the same language when taking off one hat and putting on another.

  3. I’m not saying you shouldn’t drag that hideous,
    ill-fitting toupee atop that boxhead of Chairman Fenton Wilson, but “if the opportunity arises” be my guest.

  4. Mother ohhh my, just let us get on and have some elections, surely you can Trump that!!

  5. That’s no way for a Chairman to talk. Trumps anything I’ve heard at HBRC.

    My sincere thanks to the few councillors who continue to question HBRIC proposals and the dam viability even though you are under threat. Please carry on the good work.

  6. Tom, whatever happens don,t let Fenton any where near your ponytail ……!!!!!

  7. Which just goes to prove, even with a really bad comb over it is still possible for any kid in America to grow up and become president one day. Maybe Fenton will have you all eating your words one day.

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