Big opportunity for Napier residents!

Huge pre-Christmas savings are being offered by both Firman Marine and EuroCity Marine on gondolas, freshly imported from Venice.

Said Brian Firman, “What irony, our boats needing to arrive by ship. I never thought those containers would arrive in time for Christmas, given all the disruption in global shipping lately. They are used gondolas, so we’re offering them at a great discount. We got them at a great price since Venice is unloading them like crazy as the city sinks into the sea.”

Not to be outdone, Terry Elmsly at EuroCity Marine claimed, “We’re not second-hand boat people around here. Every one of our gondolas is brand new, custom-made. We were determined to launch our new marine division with a splash. And that includes first-class service. We can even give you a test cruise with a genuine gondolier. Imagine, riding the sea on a leisurely Sunday from the foot of Napier Hill to lunch at The Mission!”

Why gondolas and not waka?

Mayor Kirsten Wise explained, “Most people don’t realise that Napier and Venice are sister cities. It all began when then-Mayor Barbara Arnott recognised that both were world-class party towns, what with our Art Deco celebrations and their Carnevale di Venezia, both occurring in February. With the pandemic, it’s a shame that many jet-setters won’t be able to make both celebrations this year, as they have usually done in the past.”

However, looking at the bright side, she continued, “Nevertheless, I’m sure our sister city bonds will strengthen as Napier increasing faces life under the sea. Our watery commonalties will only increase.”

The back story is here: City under the sea

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