Environment Minister David Parker comes to the Hawke’s Bay lion’s den on Wednesday September 30th, hosted by Tukituki Labour candidate Anna Lorck.

The twosome will conduct a public meeting at 10:30 at St Georges Estate restaurant in Havelock North.

Mr Parker is the Labour minister many farmers and growers — mostly the backward-looking ones — find most offensive, as he is the principal architect and advocate of the Government’s sorely-needed freshwater reforms, and therefore their chief villain.

At the same time, many Greens regard Parker and Labour as too soft and timid on key aspects of water standards and climate policy.

So is he Labour’s environmental backbone, the archduke of regulatory excess, or a weak reed in need of Green bracing? And how does candidate Lorck size up on these matters?

If all camps show up at the Wednesday forum, it should be quite illuminating … and entertaining!

I’m looking forward to the occasion.

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  1. Tom you and Anna and Tom have absolutely no idea about the practicalities of implementing this legislation . All it will achieve is kiwi farmers will have to see larger and other else as corporations will buy our farms . I wonder how environmentally friendly they will be.

  2. Hi Karyn, thanks for sharing your views. I can assure you of two things: 1) most NZ farmers will indeed comply and the country will be better off; and 2) as a member of the HB Future Farming Trust, I spend a huge amount of time interacting with HB farmers of all ‘persuasions’ … I think understand the challenges — and opportunities — ahead. Tom Belford

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