I hope you are finding value in our new online service, The Buzz.

Number-wise, the response has been fantastic … as a reader of The Buzz you are part of a large and growing community. In barely three weeks we’ve climbed to over 8,000 readers, which, believe me, is a BIG audience in Hawke’s Bay terms. And it’s still growing strongly.

Now we need to focus in on the content we’re offering. We’re adding fresh content every day to the BayBuzz website – not just on Covid-related matters but on all aspects of ‘normal’ life in Hawke’s Bay and the issues we face. And we want it to match the same high quality that readers of BayBuzz magazine have come to expect.

I would very much appreciate getting your reactions to our online content and the manner in which we’re presenting it. So please, take a browse around the BayBuzz website and let us know what you think. Don’t be shy about suggesting ways we can improve the coverage we’re offering you.

We’ve been able to seriously ramp-up our online service through the generosity of BayBuzz readers who responded to our initial special fundraising appeal, and with the support of two early sponsors, Napier City Council and Unison.

But obviously we will need to expand that support to stay the course we’re now on and deliver you high quality content and trusted insight into the challenges facing Hawke’s Bay as we turn to recovery and suss out what the ‘new normal’ will be.

Part of our challenge here at BayBuzz will be figuring out what blend of media – online and print – will best deliver the information and analysis (and entertainment) you want and need going forward.

BayBuzz is determined to help point the way to strong, sustainable recovery here in Hawke’s Bay – economic, environmental, social, cultural. But media is a tenuous business these days … just ask The Listener and North&South.

So if you’re a reader, I ask you to consider donating to help pull us through these choppy waters. And if you’re a business, I ask you to consider BayBuzz sponsorship or advertising, as you begin to recover and re-engage your customers.

And please tell your friends about The Buzz.

Stay well!

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