Recycled apple trays, made by Hawk

When your recycling is picked up at the curb, it heads in several directions for processing. But only your paper waste is processed here in HB … by the Whakatu-based Hawk company. They transform paper waste into the fibre trays used by our apple industry to ship apples overseas. The circular economy at work. Here’s their story, from BayBuzz videographer Patrick O’Sullivan.

Recycled trays awaiting apples

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  1. Awesome to see the initiative of this local business acknowledged. Really commend the Hawk’s for their vision and ingenuity. Just a shame and somewhat ironic that the final product, fruit trays, appear to be swathed and stored in plastic cling wrap. What happens to all that plastic packaging? Can you really call it a circular economy when that occurs? It would be really great if the final stage of their process – the packaging – was also sustainable!

  2. Very interesting and good to know this is happening in HB.
    Do the apple trays also get recycled?

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