Bayside Bagels
Bayside Bagels

The first of my weekly missions to try out new experiences, businesses, tastes, etc around the Bay begins this morning with a detour through Hastings. The new-ish outdoor seating areas along the footpaths of the East 200 block are in use, the new coffee place on the corner, Manual is open, and I am heading for the new bagel-monger in the good old Common Room.

It’s a slightly weird flex to roll in here at 8:45 am to order doughy goodness instead of a G&T, but so good to see Hastings’ favourite bar and live music venue in use in the morning hours. 

The Bayside Bagels lads have taken over the kitchen and right-hand stretch (the original Common Room, for those of us who have been around a while) and are serving up bagels, coffees and juices from 7:30am to 1:30pm Wednesdays to Saturdays.

My morning sweet tooth leads me to a sesame bagel with cream cheese and chocolate hazelnut spread – all generously smeared with just the right level of lovely messiness. The sourdough bagel itself is chewy and dense and tasty. This to-go breakfast is the way to start the day, even if I’m wearing it smudged across my face and on the steering wheel as I head to Napier.

All the best to Tom, Cian and Tom – making Hastings more delicious, one bagel at a time!

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