Each month, Kathleen Kozyniak, HBRC ace climate and air scientist, prepares a Hawke’s Bay State of the Environment report that presents some of the key variables impacting our region’s eco-health — rainfall, temperatures, river flows, groundwater & soil moisture, air quality, as well as a longer-term forecast and outlook. All the natural stuff that makes HB tick. Like this, for June 2020 …

She adds a bit of personality to the report and its stats, making it an enjoyable read.

So, instead of waiting for BayBuzz (or HB Today) to simply regurgitate the news, why don’t you just sign up — kathleen@hbrc.govt.nz — and hear it straight from the expert’s mouth, so to speak.

Here’s her intro to the latest (June) report to get a flavour of her style …

“It rained. It kept raining until much of the region had approximately double the June average and the forecast of a dry winter got flushed down the whatsit. Our river flows returned to where they should be, soil moisture hit its happy place while groundwater levels only just started seeing some benefit.

“The unseasonably warm, double-digit soil temperatures hopefully spurred some growth in well-watered vegetation. Air temperatures were 1-2 degrees above average and for a number of days that was the extent of the diurnal temperature range thanks to the grim but welcome weather.

“And just when conditions seemed to warrant a relieved grin, one of the few frosts in the month triggered our air quality downfall and out came my grimace. Hastings succumbed to our first exceedance for the winter.”


And here’s the June Report.

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  1. River Flows is one thing, Hydrology ,untreated pollution , storm water , accidental spills, exposed riparian borders, stock and erosion is another matter.
    Without an Holistic approach, from source to sea our future is a time bomb and were almost there.
    Congrats to the Regenerative farming presentations that highlighted and reminds us “Nature knows how to do it” observe and learn, as opposed to “Where is the money coming from to fix the problems” “Ma Wai ra e Taurima” If not we then Who?

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