The decision of Hastings District Council to install water storage tanks in Frimley Park hasn’t gone down that well (pardon the pun).

Nevertheless, the Council is ready to join the fray with another tank scheme, this time with two ‘educational’ tanks proposed off the intersection of Southhampton St East and Hastings St South (near the new Civil Defence HQ).

The primary purpose of these tanks is to add resilience (for example, less draw down from the aquifer at critical high demand times), capacity (tanks hold 5,000 cubic metres each) and safety to the Hastings District water supply — unassailable practical benefits.

That said, the two tanks, plus treatment facility, will be ‘gussied up’ (some might say camouflaged) and given a cool name, Waiaroha (love water), to serve a higher purpose — educating the public about our water workings.

Or, as poetically put by mayor Sandra Hazlehurst: “Waiaroha will be a place where we, as a community, can develop a full understanding of our water ecosystem, from the hills to our west, along our streams and rivers, through our aquifers and wetlands, to our taps and out to the ocean.”

What does that entail?

“Through its integrated indoor/outdoor education elements, Waiaroha will provide in-depth information on things like how Hastings drinking water is treated to keep people safe, provide ‘live’ information on water testing, and give everyone access to information on waterways and aquifers.”

An open day to explain the concept will be held 12 September.

What do you think? NIMBY? Or relieved it’s NIMBY.

You can provide feedback at the open day, from 10am to 1pm on-site, and between August 28 and September 25 on-line at

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