The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s Sustainable Homes programme is having a positive effect, with strong uptake in 2019 leading to healthier homes throughout the region. The programme was created for Hawke’s Bay people and their homes to be more sustainable and resilient, and in 2019 many more locals jumped at the opportunity says Regional Council Procurement Manager, Mark Heaney.

“We’re really pleased that local people are getting in on the programme, and coming back for more of these services,” he says.

“In the second half of 2019 we had a total of 809 applications. This means a lot more homes in Hawke’s Bay that are dry, warm, and healthy.”

Bound to be helpful, considering we’ll all likely be spending more time at home this winter.

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  1. I would be keen to receive more information re the
    Sustainable Homes Programme as we are planning a new build

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