For our current Food mag, Baybuzz conducted a reader survey to gauge just how ‘foodie’ are we here in Hawke’s Bay?

Here are some highlights:

‘Health zealots’ in purchasing and consuming food – 43%

Really like to cook – 36%

Vegetarian of vegan – 27%

Prefer organic food – 41%

Reducing red meat consumption – 70%

Reducing sugar – 55%

Never ordered food online – 69%

Purchase take-out food – 50% once or twice a month

Amount spent on food consumed outside the home – $33 per week

Weekly home food budget per person – $99 per person

Preference for Saturday nite dining out – gourmet or winery restaurant (37%), ethnic restaurant (34%)

Someone in family working in the food biz — 26%

Check out the full report in Jan/Feb BayBuzz magazine).

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