Or, what I’m doing while there’s nothing to do.

Just when we’d finally got the weekly events recommendations email going, just when we were starting to see the end of winter and look towards bright, shiny  spring times, along came Delta.

We’ve taken the last couple of weeks off sending out our recommendations for fun events and things to fill your diary with, for obvious reasons, and I’ve taken to my one-woman bubble and slipped into rest and solitude. 

Last time around I baked and worked out and wrote screeds for the fledgling online BayBuzz offering and did Zoom cocktail evenings with friends and gardened and went for bike rides and cleaned out cupboards. I scheduled the days and got up-to-date on the things I was meant to read. I USED the time. I had big thinking sessions and used the Shatki mat and did my stretches at the same time each day. I stressed about my business and made plans for the post-Covid recovery. I read the news and watched the 1pm Cindy and Ash show. I made every day count, and I counted the days.

This time, I just stopped. Tom emailed today to ask me to write about that I’ve been doing while there have been no events to report on, and nothing to go to. I’m stumped. I’ve mostly been watching Neon, Netflix and Apple TV, and eating storebought biscuits. On sunny days I have used the yoga mat to lie on, getting a touch of a tan while letting my mind wander. Sometimes my body has felt stiff so I’ve gone for a walk. I’ve missed tons of emails and responded to phone calls hours or even days later. 

Turns out, I really needed a break. It’s been a weird and intense year or two. 

Everyone has their own set of challenges with lockdown. Kids’ school, loss of income, distance and isolation, working from home, business worries, illness, fear of the virus itself. Tough things that were already going on in mid August before all of this, and that are still going to be happening after we step tentatively down the rungs of the level ladder. I’m opting to go easy on myself and everyone around me. 

The recommendations this week are as follows:

Be really nice to the essential workers. Buy local/independent for the takeaway treats. Get as much vitamin D as possible.

And perhaps most importantly, watch Ted Lasso. 

(You’ll find the show on Apple TV and if you don’t fall in love with it, I don’t know what to do with you).

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