Local biz Kooga intros sportswear for Muslim girls

Kooga wants to empower young people to get active while feeling comfortable and confident, and that’s why they have recently developed apparel kits suitable for Muslim girls.

Kooga’s co-founder and owner Lizzie McPhail said Kooga developed a range of sportswear and apparel to meet the needs of today’s generation.

“A barrier to getting active can be finding sportswear that is sensitive to culture, ethnicity, gender and body type,” she said.

“We recognise that everyone is different, and the one-size-fits-all/unisex approach is not always an option. Our new range allows young people to be active and feel good about it.” 

She said, in today’s generation, individuality was celebrated more and more.

“There is a growing demand for people to be able to source activewear that they feel comfortable in, and that does not present a barrier to joining in activities. Our focus has always been on the quality of our kit, and this is about blending that quality with the needs of today.”

The Kooga sportwear range was “totally inclusive” she said.

“This new range is about adding another dimension to what we already offer,” McPhail said.

“Our branding is built on our teamwear being designed for every person, competing in every sport at every level everywhere in New Zealand.”

Local biz Kooga intros sportswear for Muslim girls

She said the aim of the range was to simply get more young people active in sport.

“We have seen the greatest demand for personalised sportswear in secondary schools, particularly amongst females,” she said.

“Being active contributes to positive health outcomes, so when young women feel comfortable in our new generation sportswear, they will want to get active and join in, which is a great result. We want women to feel empowered in a fit-for-purpose apparel range that includes tights, long-sleeved ts, rashies etc.”

Kooga has been producing sportswear and equipment for nearly 20 years and are supported by a customer base of schools, clubs, corporate and various organisations throughout New Zealand and operate across a global network.

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